Monday, 14 March 2011

Time to Dazzle!

Okay okay, Welcome!
Here I begin sharing with you my incredible journey into my very final Year 13 A-level sketch book with the theme: exploration and discovery. This is my last and final chance at making an epic project for my exams. My coursework and previous sketch book is currently sitting on a happy B grade (don't worry I'm getting onto that... I will make it move up!) and this is my fresh new project, ready to dazzle!
The start is always the most boring part of a project for me. My teachers like it if you brainstorm but I usually spend a few days mulling over 2 or 3 ideas and then I just get stuck in so brainstorms don't usually get completed until later haha. But that is not happening this time! I will remain on top of my work and I will not move on until all previous pages are complete, there will be no gaps! (Will I stick to it?)
One of the first and most important things about starting a project for me at least is sketch book size. I like to think a big sketch book just means more space, you look at a blank double A3 page and think "shit, thats a lot of space! I gotta fill this up!" so whatever you decide to do with that space you are more likely to go overboard and mental and take up more space and then go over the page. This is exactly what I wanted to do, I didn't want to give my pages any mercy, there will be not a blank page left when I am through. So, i got an A3 book and used some left over stencils from my old project and spray painted my name to the front and "DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE" on the back (nice bit of inspiration there).

Now finally to begin working on the theme!
At first I nearly started working on the idea of outer space but when i really thought about it... there wouldn't be a lot of art or artists and generally not a lot to work on, I've had dead ends before and it's horrible. But thats not happening this time! So I settled on starting with Doorways, literal and physical doorways.
The first proper lesson we had on it my teacher asked us to pick a mini project from some that she had given us and we had 2 hours to complete them. I chose a project where I have to take photographs of things that people wouldn't really notice that were part of a building, which was perfect, how often do you step back and go "Thats a really awesome door right there!" so I went in search of doors, secret ones, obvious ones and lots of them.

Here is only two of them cause I took loads and one of them is in fact my bedroom door and cannot be located near my school. Apart from anything you all know what a door looks like haha

The best thing about all the photos of door was that it gave me lots of space to make my next move...

It's a pretty lame start to a project, but aren't the beginnings of projects always a little bit tedious and just a starting point for something that could possibly be amazing? Well... watch this space!